Are we right for you?

1. You’re looking for results

What we do isn’t a luxury or an indulgence, it’s treatment. We are pleased when our clients leave relaxed and tension-free, but we know we’ve done my job when they are in less pain and experience greater mobility. So if you have chronic, nagging pain, or you’ve lost some movement or some function, we are here to help.

2. You want a role in your treatment

Some hands-on therapists work on their clients. We work with ours. The process of getting you where you want to be is going to take input from both client and therapist. We will work with you to understand your problems and figure out how they arose. We will talk posture and mobility, health and nutrition, gait and work habits. We will also discuss the work we are doing together before and after each session, and build a rapport that enables us to work together more effectively for your health.

3. You’re looking for a comprehensive approach

We have clients who suffer chronic, debilitating pain, clients with sports injuries and clients who are stressed out and just need to relax. Sometimes, they are all the same person! Whatever your needs, you need a therapist who can select the correct approach for your particular requirements from a range of modalities. We are trained in neuromuscular therapy and medical massage, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage, and more. We can assess your needs, figure out what combination of approaches is right for you, and continue to adjust that approach as we work together and your issues change and improve.

4. You want to be treated as a person, not a number

Our clients tell us they are tired of therapists who run their practice like a revolving door: they want you in and out, as fast and as often as possible. We do not think that is the best way to work on problems that can have more than one dimension. What happens when your needs change? As one layer of issues are resolved, sometimes another layer is revealed. What about the client who is an athlete, but with chronic pain too? We don’t believe our clients belong in boxes. Pharaoh Bodyworks is based on a more human approach. We keep detailed notes, but each person we work with is someone we know: it is got to be a partnership. That way, when you come through the door, you know that we are 100% prepared to make positive changes happen.