Sports Injuries

Just about every athlete, from the weekend hiker to the committed competitor, is eventually going to get some kind of injury. What happens after the injury might be the difference between getting back into the game after it heals and sitting on the sidelines forever. That’s where massage therapy can make all the difference.

Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries

Numerous studies have shown that injuries heal faster with manual therapy than without, sometimes even doubling the speed of healing. Therapeutic massage encourages circulatory and lymph movement, relaxes the muscles, and helps the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into recovering tissues and vital organs. This allows the injured areas to become more flexible and heal at an accelerated rate.

Types of Injuries Sports Injury massage Can Help

Sports injury massage can help heal

  • rotator cuff injuries
  • plantar fasciitis
  • ankle strains and sprains
  • acl strains
  • quad and hamstring strains
  • lower back injuries
  • tennis elbow
  • shin splints
  • groin strains

Sports Injury Massage Benefits

  • faster healing
  • improved recovery
  • improved lymph flow and reduced swelling
  • improved circulation of injured and surrounding tissues
  • removing adhesions
  • helps to maintain soft-tissue integrity
  • reduces fibrotic buildup
  • releases muscular tension
  • increase range of motion
  • provides physical and psychological stress reduction

How Soon After An Injury Should I Receive a Massage?

Massage therapy in the initial stages of an injury can be helpful, especially for improving lymph flow, reducing swelling right away and calming the nervous system, but much care must be taken with the injured tissue.

Getting massage within 3-7 days is an ideal time window to begin your soft tissue rehabilitation. At this point your therapist can focus on breaking the adhesions that could inhibit joint movement, moving in more nutrients and flushing out waste. This is the best time for massage to maintain soft-tissue integrity, restore the muscle back to a healing state, and facilitate recovery.

5-14 days after the injury, bodywork will aid tissue healing and blood flow, helping to reduce fibrotic buildup. During these sessions, clients will often experience noticeable pain reduction and improved range of motion.

Pharaoh Bodyworks and Sports Injuries

No Matter what phase of recovery you’re in, Pharaoh Bodyworks will make sure you get the treatment that bests suits your injury and recovery program.

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