Office Chair Massage in Los Angeles, CA

Corporate Chair Massage is office-appropriate, customized, on-site massage therapy that can reduce blood pressure, improve joint and muscle aches (especially in painful areas of the neck and back), relieve arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive computer use, and even increase immunity to colds and flu. Our on-site massages include a fully clothed treatment of the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms to relieve the symptomatic effects of work-related stress. Bringing massage to your office is an excellent way to increase the productivity, lower stress, and increase the energy levels of your employees.

Relaxed, Happy Employees Are More Productive Workers and Better Problem Solvers

According to a recent study in American Psychologist, a simple 15-minute massage was compared to 15 minutes of resting. Those employees who received massage demonstrated significantly increased employee problem-solving abilities, as well as relieving job stress and depression. A corporate massage program can also lift morale and help create a positive workplace culture – and it’s often cheaper than free coffee or soda!

Even companies like Eddie Bauer, one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, provide on-site massage twice a week at their corporate headquarters.

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

  • improves productivity
  • lowers stress
  • improves performance
  • improves health
  • enhances well-being
  • lowers anxiety
  • helps prevent and treat symptoms of excessive keyboard and mouse use
  • lifts morale
  • creates a positive workplace culture
  • increases energy levels and concentration
  • decreased absenteeism

Under a strict deadline or approaching a product launch?

Massage is the perfect, affordable to solution to help relieve the stress of an upcoming deadline, product launch, restructuring or any other stressful or hectic period.

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