Athletic Performance

Neuromuscular Sports Massage (NSM) can help improve performance, prevent injuries and reduce pain. It works by manipulating muscles and other soft tissues to relieve pain and tension, encourage healing and promote mobility and flexibility.

Our signature style at Pharaoh Bodyworks, Neuromuscular Sports Massage, is a combination of Russian Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy. Both of these therapy styles are widely used by elite athletes as a natural way to improve performance and treat/prevent injuries. We match our approach to each athlete’s specific needs, personal history, and goals.

Who Can Benefit from Neuromuscular Sports Massage?

Athletes of all levels can benefit from NSM. We work with following groups:

  • Professional and Semi-pro Athletes
  • Collegiate Athletes
  • High School Athletes
  • Fitness Enthusiast

The Three Benefits of NSM

  1. Treatment of Sports Injuries
  2. Prevention of Sports Injuries
  3. Improve Recovery Time
  4. Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Treatment of Sports Injuries

Professionals, recreational athletes, ‘weekend warriors’ and high school and college athletes can all pick up an injury playing their sport.

NSM can help sports injuries heal naturally and effectively. We’ll work with you to address movement patterns and mobility issues as well as helping the initial injury to recover so you can safely get back to on the field as soon as possible.

Common sports injuries:

  • Pulled or strained muscles
  • Sprains and strains
  • Overuse injuries like tennis elbow, RSI or compartment syndrome
  • Inflammation
  • Impact injuries resulting from falls or tackles
  • Back injuries
  • Tendon injuries

Prevention of Sports Injuries

Many athletes see a sports massage/bodywork therapist to control long-term injuries or to increase their resilience and prevent injuries from occurring. Addressing posture and mechanics as well as inflammation and trauma can make you more injury-resilient.

Improve Recovery Time

Regular treatment can accelerate metabolic recovery, clear waste products from tissues and relax muscles, so you can train harder, more often, and with fewer injuries.

Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility are crucial for power, resilience and performance. Being more flexible can protect you from injury in a pile-up, or in sports that demand power and stability in extreme ranges of motion like gymnastics or weightlifting.

Whatever your sport, more mobility and flexibility can improve performance and injury resistance.

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