Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Back, neck and shoulder pain seem ubiquitous in our society these days.

Whether from trauma or sudden injury, or through strain or poor posture over time, chronic upper body pain can negatively affect the quality of your life and your ability to get things done.

What Causes Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain?

There can be any number of causes to upper body pain, but the vast majority of cases involve

  • Muscular irritation (myofascial pain)
  • Joint dysfunction

Often, muscular irritation and upper body pain is due to either de-conditioning (lack of strength) or overuse injuries (i.e. repetitive motion). Muscle strains, sports injuries, auto accidents, or other injuries can also result in pain from muscular irritation.  Once muscular irritation occurs, it can then create painful trigger points and adhesions that can further restrict joint motion.

How Massage Can Help

Whether it’s chronic or lasts only a short time, neck pain can be relieved by massage.  A massage session by a qualified therapist should result in:

  • pain relief
  • reduced tension
  • improved joint mobility
  • increased circulation
  • increased flexibility
  • stress relief

Along with relieving the pain in your neck, back and/or shoulders, receiving massage on a regular basis will help keep all your joints limber, reducing your chances of pulling a muscle. It can also improve your posture and flexibility, encourage relaxation and relieve stress.

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